Wooden Sofas

Traditional wood sofas sets have been an important element in the classic and antique décor styles. Comfortable, solid and sturdy, the clean lines of wooden sofa sets helps to create clean boundaries and areas in the living room. Cushy and luxurious to sit on, wooden sofas with a classic dark brown mahogany varnish has an old world charm that no other type of furniture can aspire to match. Warm and earthy, most types of wooden sofas are used to create an antique interior décor. We also have many contemporary style sofa sets that can be used in modern decors at our store. Handsome and solid, maintaining wood sofas are easy and they are built to last for years. With a variety of finish to match the overall theme of the house, add a cosy charm to your living room with these wooden sofas. Made from best quality tropical wood; teak, mahogany, rosewood, birchwood etc. our furniture is soured from sofa manufactures whose experience bespeaks the quality and excellent workmanship.