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Udaipur Minda Furniture performs a wide variety of manufacturing services. No other company can do all that we do, or does it as well, or as fast. In many cases, no one else can even come close.

Our staff are sincerely committed to customer service. We know that when all is said and done, the service you received will have an impact on your future purchase decisions. We make it a point of honour to provide outstanding service throughout the manufacturing process.

Take a look at the many quality awards adorning our walls and you know that quality craftsmanship is a great source of pride. Perhaps our greatest “award,” however, can be seen stamped on numerous drawings and specifications by major government and industry contractors.

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Bed Side Cabinet

Our furniture is resistant to minor everyday hazards; however, some precautions are necessary to maintain the beauty of your furniture.


Good Quality

Please clean regularly. Even a small film of dust can actually create small scratches in your finish, eventually exposing the wood, making it vulnerable to further damage.
Dust with a soft, clean cloth slightly moistened with water to help trap the dust instead of sending.


Bed Furniture

We at Premium Minda Furniture t airborne just to land right back on your furniture and dry completely with another clean cloth, always rubbing with the grain. Use pads beath accessories and when writing or eating. Remove spills and smudges immediately.



Do not use harsh detergents or brass polish.
Avoid contact with cigarettes, hot dishes, harsh solvents such as nail polish, alcohol and moisture.


Top Quality

Do not leave applicable plastic materials on a wood surface; they can damage the finish.
Do not place furniture near heat outlets, windows, or in direct sunlight. If you have a piece made from high quality plies of wood like a nicely veneered piece of furniture you will not need to worry about this as much.


Best Furniture

Minda Furniture has grown steadily and has further expanded f you have furniture made from a solid piece of wood, you should be especially careful about placement. Remember that good things last longer when you take care of them, and if you follow these few guidelines your furniture will last for many years.


Dinning Table

Started in the year 1972 Minda Furniture (India) Private Limited launched the brand the most trusted name in sleep products today. Within a year,the company became the largest supplier of quality.


Dinning Set

To harness and harmonise the vast reservoir of human talent, technological know-how and other resources in a collaborative, inclusive and sustainable manner so as to drive India’s development and progress.